Yrimor is the capital of the Kingdom of Yrimoroth and is surrounded by the Forest of Yrim. It is one of the Twelve Cities that were founded by the legendary Company of Twelve. Yrimor is ninth most populated of the Twelve Cities.

Yrimor was founded by the elf ranger Yrimas Vathor of the Company of Twelve. It was the fifth of the Twelve Cities to be founded. The city and nation it is capital of were named after the founder.

The Irinoth family, the current ruling family of Yrimoroth, rules their kingdom from their throne in this city. Yrimoroth is usually considered one of the less powerful of the Twelve Great Realms, but often takes sides in conflicts between the other Twelve Great Realms.

The current ruler of Yrimoroth and Yrimor is King Asur Irinoth.


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