Whitebridge is the capital of the Kingdom of Felor and sits atop the highest of the Whitestone Hills. It is one of the Twelve Cities founded by the group that is now known as the Company of Twelve a little over four hundred years ago. Whitebridge is the easternmost of the Twelve Cities and the third most populated.

Whitebridge was founded by the human warrior Irodros Philotectes, a member of the Company of Twelve. It was the eleventh of the Twelve Cities to be founded, only predating the subterranean city of Triski Tura. The city was named for the long, architectural masterpiece of a bridge before its main gate that was fabricated from the white stone that is common in the hills of the area.

The Daresh family, the current royal family of Felor, rules their kingdom from their throne in Whitebridge. Falek is one of the most powerful of the realms of Rendilor and has been since the First Conquests, often coming into conflict with the states of the other Twelve Cities.

The current ruler of Felor and Whitebridge is King Arikranar Daresh.


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