Stoikos is the capital of the Kingdom of Hanraath and sits deep in the Stoic Forest near the coast. It is one of the Twelve Cities founded by the legendary Company of Twelve. Stoikos is the eleventh most populated of the Twelve Cities.

Stoikos was founded by the human barbarian known as Stoikar Hanraath, a member of the Company of Twelve. It was the eighth of the Twelve Cities to be founded and was named after the member of the Company of Twelve that founded it.

The ruler of Hanraath is a hereditary title but can be seized by anyone who challenges the current ruler to honorable combat and wins. The current ruling family of Ragar seized the nation a few generations ago and has managed to maintain their control since then. It is often seen as one of the less powerful of the Twelve Great Realms.

The current ruler of Hanraath and Stoikos is King Balgas Ragar.


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