The city of Rothimir is the capital of the Kingdom of Rothor and sits on the coast near the the mouth of the River Roth. It is one of the Twelve Cities founded by the legendary adventuring party known as the Company of Twelve. Rothimir is the fourth most populated of the Twelve Cities.

Rothimir was founded over four hundred years ago by the human warrior known as Rothem Rotheling, a member of the Company of Twelve. Rothimir was the seventh of the Twelve Cities to be founded and was named for the legendary hero, as was river it sits on and the nation of Rothor.

The family of Kaulner has ruled the nation of Rothor from the city of Rothimir since not long after the First Conquests. Rothimir is usually seen as one of the most powerful of the Twelve Great Realms, often coming into conflict with the other eleven of the Twelve Great Realms.

The current ruler of Rothor and Rothimir is King Drenyth Kaulner.


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