Railifrock is the capital of the Kingdom of Rakrish and sits near the coast. It is one of the Twelve Cities originally founded by the Company of Twelve over four hundred years ago. Railifrock is the northernmost of the Twelve Cities and the fifth most populated.

Railifrock was founded by the human rogue by the name of Railif Rakrishal, a member of the Company of Twelve. It was the ninth of the Twelve Cities to be founded. Railifrock was named for the hero that founded it, as was the kingdom it belongs to.

The Bekrin family has ruled the Kingdom of Rakrish for the last few generations from their throne in the city of Railifrock. Being so far from the other eleven of the Twelve Cities, Rakrish is not often involved in the conflicts. It is not often considered as one of the more powerful of the Twelve Cities.

The current ruler of Rakrish and Railifrock is King Rawkis Bekrin.


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