The city of Myrefall is the capital of the Kingdom of Rastelor and is located on the Razor Coast. It is one of the Twelve Cities founded by the legendary group of adventurers known as the Company of Twelve and is the seventh most populated of the Twelve Cities.

Myrefall—which once went by a different name—was founded by the human rogue known as Myre Thastir, one of the members of the Company of Twelve. It was the second of the Twelve Cities to be founded and Myre was killed by his Lieutenant, Rasten Rale, soon after the founding and his city seized. The city was then named for the betrayal and the nation named after the new ruler.

The Rale family has ruled Rastelor since shortly after its founding. It is one of the less powerful of the Twelve Great Realms and has fought hard to remain independent. The rulers of the kingdom are known for engaging in deceit, double-crossing diplomacy and other unsavory tactics to get what they want without combat.

The current ruler of Rastelor and Myrefall is King Rasten Rale.


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