The city of Mathilor is the capital of the small Magocracy of Mathilor. It sits on a plain near the coast. It is one of the twelve cities founded by the Company of Twelve and is the least populated of the Twelve Cities.

Mathilor was founded a little over four hundred years ago by the elf mage Mathilor Mithiloros, a member of the Twelve Cities. Mathilor was the tenth of the Twelve Cities to be founded.

The city-state of Mathilor is ruled by the most powerful of the Mage Houses. The current ruling house is the house of Thariloros. The city barely expanded at all during the first conquests and only consists of Mathilor and surrounding towns and hamlets. Despite being the smallest of the Twelve Great Realms, Mathilor has the highest population of magic users in any city. This has allowed them to defend their realm from the other Twelve Great Realms for over four hundred years.

The current ruler of Mathilor is High Magus Ytheriel Thariloros.


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