Loriloth is the capital of Naftilon and is located on the coast outside the Loril Forest. It is one of the Twelve Cities that the members of the Company of Twelve founded a little over four hundred years ago. Loriloth is the sixth most populated of the Twelve Cities.

Loriloth was founded by the human rogue by the name of Lorilia Naftilar, a member of the Company of Twelve. It was the fourth of the Twelve Cities to be founded.

The Esterl family has ruled Naftilon from Loriloth since a little bit after the First Conquests. Naftilon is not generally considered to be one of the powerful Twelve Great Realms. Loriloth did not expand much in the First Conquests and has been in few wars since then, usually choosing to remain neutral in conflicts.

The current ruler of Naftilon and Loriloth is Queen Erysia Esterl.


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