Derring Keep

The city of Derring Keep is the capital of the Kingdom of Derethor and sits perched between the two highest mountains of the Dereth Range. It is one of the Twelve Cities founded by the legendary heroes, the Company of Twelve. Derring Keep is the furthest south and eighth most populated of the Twelve Cities.

Derring Keep was founded by the dwarf soldier known as Dereth Derring, a member of the Company of Twelve. Derring Keep was the third of the Twelve Cities to be founded and was named for its founder, as was the mountain range it sits on.

The Borgrim family has ruled the Kingdom of Derethor from Derring Keep for generations. Derethor is often seen as one of the less powerful of the Twelve Great Realms. Despite its fairly few numbers, its warriors are hardy, capable veterans who have been galvanized by constant warfare with the barbarians to the south. Derethor took part in the first conquests but did not gain much land.

The current ruler of Derethor and Derring Keep is King Berethor Borgrim.

Derring Keep

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